About Us

About us

The Impulse healthcare RCM team is a revenue cycle management company that provides comprehensive medical billing services to its clients. In our mission to provide market-leading services to our healthcare clients, we aim to make a meaningful and sustainable impact on their business. The healthcare industry includes providers, payers, ASCs, pharmaceutical, and device companies. All of these markets are our focus for premier business process management services. Through our revenue cycle solutions, we deliver proven ROI across the front, middle, and back offices. By doing so, you are able to create the revenue cycle your organization has always envisioned - one that provides patients with a positive experience and leads to better financial performance.

At Impulse RCM, we realize that despite technology, quality, and regulation driving healthcare today, our good intentions have burdened our teams and destroyed the relationship between patients and their doctors. As a healthcare delivery system, our team designs solutions that will increase efficiency and excellence while also restoring an intimate environment in the exam room. As we entered the healthcare field, we hoped to make it stronger and better. You probably thought the same thing as well. As healthcare evolves, our work adjusts with interminable industry change. Together we can make healthcare what it ought to be

The nature of our administrations is reliable in view of nonstop preparation and the inflexible guidelines kept with regards to conveyance and client fulfillment. Past Medical Billing Services, we convey far-reaching Revenue Cycle Management and Practice Management Support that animates your income cycle, balances out your income, guarantees your consistence with always changing guidelines kills the mystery, and empowers you to zero in on patients, not administrative work. Whether you are an independent expert or gathering practice, we will help you with all of your business needs, so you can zero in on complete patient consideration.

You can benefit from the advancement in Revenue Cycle Management and increase your revenues for the successful operation of your healthcare facility with our assistance.

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